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Elizabeth Pywowarczuk, the Managing Director of Liberta Financial Limited, is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner who specialises in personal insolvency.

When an individual has reached a position where their debts are threatening to overwhelm them, they call in an Insolvency Practitioner (IP) like Liz to help. The IP works with them to find a way to restructure their debts and get the maximum possible returns for the insolvent person’s creditors.

Recovering personal protection insurance (PPI) costs

Liz initially met Ferguson Financial Solicitors in 2012, who explained that by helping clients claim redress for the mis-sale of Personal Protection Insurance (PPI), they could access valuable funds to help the debtor pay back their creditors. Liz was impressed both with the Ferguson Financial Solicitors team and the potential gains they could bring to her clients and their creditors.

She gave the company the go-ahead to start work. Ferguson Financial immediately audited Liz’s client base, provided each client with an information pack, and began the process of investigating the sale of PPI.

"They have genuine expertise that delivers fast results for my clients. I’m sure we’ll be working together for many years."

Great results – fast

The first results came in fast. According to Liz: “The results vary enormously from client to client, depending on the type and size of the credit agreement they have taken out. The largest PPI recovery that Ferguson Financial Solicitors delivered for us was £31,313. In the three years we have worked together, Ferguson Financial have recovered more than £529,000 for my clients. I have a fairly small practice with a typical caseload of around 200, so this is a major sum for us.”

Personal touch

Liz feels that an important quality that sets Ferguson Financial Solicitors apart is its commitment to personal service. She says:

“I’ve been with them since 2012 which says it all, really. I have a great relationship with Maurice and as a company they are very on the ball. They have genuine expertise that delivers fast results for my clients. I’m sure we’ll be working together for many years.”